Customer Service

Customer Service

  • How do I obtain parts to replace those either missing or damaged?

    You can order replacement parts in one of three ways:

    • Submit an order on this website by selecting the tab for Order Parts.
    • Call our toll-free Customer Service Line at 1-800-661-7030.
    • Send us a fax to 450-767-2032.

    If you are calling or faxing, please be sure to list all of the necessary information as shown on this website's Order Parts tab.

  • How can I contact you if necessary?

    If you need to reach one of our operators, please call us at 1-800-661-7030. 

  • How long will it take to receive my parts ordered?

    Shipping time will depend on where you live we are shipping parts from our facility near Montreal, Canada, so please allow at least 4-5 business days to receive parts. We apologize for any inconvenience…
  • Can I purchase Techcraft furniture directly from Techcraft?

    No, our furniture can only be purchased from our authorized dealers. Our products are sold in major consumer electronics retailers across North America.